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KV's 31 Days of Prayer

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Welcome to Keys Vineyard's (KV's) 31 Days of Prayer! We are so excited you are joining us in this journey. My hope, is that one day we will see what our fervent, corporate prayers during this time together have put into motion and what strongholds they have demolished.Inspired by a post of a well know Bible teacher, we are starting this group in hopes that we can pray in unison, with one voice each day for the month of July for a subject and country. I believe our prayers of faith can move mountains and I'm excited by the fact that we will be causing the heavens to move with our corporate prayers.Each day, starting July 1st, a different prayer will be posted. Your job is to pray this prayer with us. Then, you can do one of the following:
  1. Comment "prayed"!
  2. Add your own prayer on the topic and/or country of the day, if so inspired!
  3. Add a prayer request of your own.

Let's work together.

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